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At this time there is the only one search is most popular which is Who is Taliban. Yes! When we heard that on our TV, News Channels, and Internet, The Taliban has Overtake on Afghanistan then in just a few minutes Taliban word is just trending on the whole internet everyone wants to know who is Taliban and everyone wants to know about the Taliban. so don't worry we have analyzed all the data related to the Taliban and published this article. Yes! this is the only article that is presenting the only analyzed report on their platform. so let's get started to know Unknown facts about the Taliban.


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  1. Is Taliban is a terrorist group?
  2. Is Taliban is any country?
  3. What Taliban trying to do?
  4. From Where Taliban taking money to survive?
  5. Is Taliban Takeover Afghanistan?

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Chart of Taliban controlled area in Afghanistan, Afghanistan map



Who are the Taliban? How did they take over Afghanistan? - Zantania


What is Taliban?

What is taliban

Taliban is an Islamic terrorist group that wants to establish its own government through terrorism. recently Taliban has claimed control of the majority part of Afghanistan. And Taliban is killing the people who are not accepting the Taliban's rule. Actually, if go in history so, the Taliban was founded in the year of 1994 by Mohammed Omar, Abdul Ghani Baradar at  Kandahar, Afghanistan. Actually, the Taliban's Group is made of so many small other terrorist groups. like Primarily Pashtuns, minority Tajiks, Turkmens, and Uzbeks yes these ones are the small-small groups that are the parts of Taliban Islamic group.


Where is the Headquarters of Taliban?

headquarter of Taliban

Taliban headquarters is located in Kandahar, Afghanistan. actually, the Taliban's group was founded in  1994 in  Kandahar, Afghanistan, and in 2021 still, their headquarter is located in  Kandahar, Afghanistan


History of Taliban?

History of taliban

The history of the Taliban is too scary for innocent people because the Taliban was killed millions of innocent people in their past. actually, the Taliban has fought many wars against some countries to rule on them like the Afghan Civil War (1992–1996), Tajikistani Civil War (1992–1997),  Afghan Civil War (1996–2001). and now again in 2021 Taliban fight against the Afghanistan government.


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Leader of Taliban?

Leader of Taliban

In 1994 Taliban was led by Mohammed Omar & Abdul Ghani Baradar but after them, Akhtar Mansour led the Taliban group from 2015 to 2016 then Hibatullah Akhundzada is leading the Taliban group from 2016, and still Hibatullah Akhundzada running Taliban group. Yes Hibatullah Akhundzada is the leader of the Taliban right now in 2021.



Future of Taliban?

Future of Taliban

In the future Taliban will be no longer stay because after this incident in Afghanistan, every country is against the Taliban. especially the government of the united states of America wants to destroy the complete Taliban Terrorist group. Actually, the Taliban Terrorism will be got defeat like ISIS Syria. yes! here also will war like ISIS Syria war. Afghanistan will be completely got destroyed by other countries and the Taliban's war.


Battle & Wars of Taliban?

Battle & wars of taliban

Taliban fight its first war Afghan Civil War in the year of 1992 till 1996 and then the Taliban was fighting its second war Tajikistani Civil War at the same time in the year of 1992 till 1997. and then after these, both wars the Taliban has again started its third war Afghan Civil War against Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001. and Now once again Taliban fight against Afghanistan but this time Taliban has claimed that they have takeover approx complete Afghanistan.


How Taliban earn money or survive in Afghanistan?

How Taliban earn money or survive in Afghanistan

Before some years ago Taliban has no great money to survive or to fight anymore any war. As we know we all need money to survive but in some years Taliban has collected so much money in its Terror fund that can easily help to fight a war and survive for a long time. Yes! Now Taliban has great money to fight a long war or great money to survive a long time. so here are the all ways that the Taliban use to earn money.

All Ways that Taliban use to earn money

  1. Foreign Donation
  2. Drug Trade
  3. Taxes on Controlled area
  4. Mines and Minerals
  5. Money Snatching


Who can Defeat Taliban?

Who can Defeat Taliban?

After analyzing all the data Taliban can only be defeated by other countries' contributions to defeat the Taliban. Yes! just like the ISIS Syria war where the United States of America & Russia Came forward to Kill all ISIS terrorists. Here also same will be held like this. Some countries will come forward like the United States of America, Russia, Tajikistan, the United Kingdom, etc. Maybe these countries will come forward to fight with the Taliban for Afghanistan Freedom.


Similar Asked Question On The Internet:

Q1. Is Taliban is terrorist Group?

Ans. Yes, Taliban is a Terrorist group.


Q2.  Is Taliban is any country?

Ans. No Taliban is not any country. Actually, Taliban is a terrorist group which is located in Afghanistan 


Q3. What Taliban trying to do?

Ans. Actually, the Taliban is trying to make its Islamic government to order Sharia Law all over the world.


Q4. From Where Taliban taking money to survive?

Ans.  Taliban taking money from by- Fund Donation, Drug Trade, Tax on Controlled area, Mines and Minerals & Money Snatching. These are the ways to Taliban’s earn money.


Q5. Is Taliban Takeover Afghanistan?

Ans.  Yes! Taliban has takeover on Afghanistan majority part of the area. But there is some area is still not in under of Taliban’s.





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