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Are you trying to impress a girl? But she doesn’t, so don’t worry you just have to enhance a few things, what every girl wants in a boy. Basically, all girls have their separate opinions about boys but here are some common things about boys that every girl loves and if you are in confusion about which things you should improve in yourself to attract or impress a girl, so here are some points which must help you.


1. Caring & Respectful

Caring & Respectful

Of course! a girl always wants to make her relationship with a guy who respects her and always cares and stays with her in any kind of situation because they know I can stay with him peacefully.
Be stay calm in any situation where you get angry, this trick assists you to control yourself, which independently makes you caring and respectful.


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2. Dominant Body Language and Behavior

Dominant body language and behavior

Good body language and behavior can make anyone impress easily, and the first choice of every girl is good body language and his behavior because both of them tell lots of things about you.
You can ameliorate your body language and behavior by just care yourself how you are reacting in a front of people and always stay your attention to your behavior. 


3. Intelligent

intelligent boy

Intelligence means not that who always stays on top, average guys are perfect too. Girls always attract intelligent and smart guys.


4. Perfect Body Shape

Perfect body shape

In today’s time, every girl wants a boy to have a perfect body shape not too fat nor too thin, just a perfect body. At a first sight, every girl notices the body figure of a boy then she attracts him but it doesn’t mean you have to convert yourself into a bodybuilder or muscleman, a healthy guy is always perfect for any girl.
Yeah, the gym is the greatest place where you can transform your body but due to some reasons you are not interested to go the gym but want to be healthy so, you can start exercise at home.


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5. Funny


Whenever, we will discuss to impress or attract someone, smile and laughable modus will be at first, cause as we know girls always love to talk with the guy who is funny and who can make her laugh easily and girls love to stay with that guy who can make her happy and always loves to spend time with him.


6. Confidence 


Confidence is probably the quality that every girl wants in a boy, confident boys are more attractive compare to others. A self-confident guy is never frightened to do something and the foremost thing confidence guys are always highlighted. 
If you are not self-confident and want to increase your confidence, you should do the work you are afraid to do, it is one of the extremely effective tips.


7. Loyal


Loyalty is very important in a relationship, every girl wants a boy who never cheats on her and always is loyal to her.



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