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It’s common that we all have one friend who is more attractive than us and probably some of you must try to find what are the things that make them more attractive? But you did not understand, so don’t worry just stay with us.
There are two things that make you attractive, your physical entrance and mentally presence basically how you look from outside and your behaviors, and if you want to look more attractive than others you need to make some physically and mentally changes in yourself, here are some effective techniques to be more attractive.


1. Wear Better Outfit

Wear Better Outfit

Your get-up plays an important role to make you attractive, always wear a dress which looks worthy on you and wears clean clothes and don’t use similar clothes daily if you are going outside somewhere and be regular as well as wear dresses according to fashion.


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2. Be Confident

Be Confident

You already recognize confident peoples are always attractive because they become highlight everywhere they go, so it is required to increase your confidence to look attractive, normally peoples swiftly attract toward the people who are always confident.


3. Take Care Of Your Hair

Take care of your hair

When a person first looks at someone their eyes are first on the hair, so the condition of your hair should be better if you really want to be attractive, use a hairstyle and haircutting which suits you flawlessly and everyday shampoo your hair and if you are male so take care of your beard too.


4. Put Smile On Your Face

Put Smile On Your Face

Don’t be so serious every time, put a little smile on your face if something funny happens around you and never laugh unnecessarily, and don’t smile every time, smile when it’s needed. 


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5. Good Body Figure

Good Body Figure

Body shape has more importance than your aspects and if your appearances are not attractive but you have an impeccable body figure so you will appear attractive, probably without perfect body shape person can’t appear attractive, you ought to go the gym or you can do some exercise at home to make your body shape better.


6. Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be like someone else, always be yourself and develop yourself and acquire something new daily and at any condition love yourself.


7. Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin

Take care of your skin and don’t think healthy skin means to your skin color, if you have any skin problems them go to the doctor and use body lotion to make your skin healthier.


8. Don't Use Rude Words

Don't use rude words

Using bad or abusive words can make your reputation down and people never attract toward you they always try to stay far from you, so keep it in your mind that you have to avoid using abusive words and never be backbiter.




Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to look attractive, with these easy & unique tips.

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