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Yeah, to forget someone is one of the hardest things for humans and if you want to move forward in life then it is important to forget that person.
Well, You no need to worry because we are with you and today we will help you and tell you some best way to forget someone quickly.
Come on, try to forget that person while reading this article, and let’s see you can do it or not.

I know you are thinking of questions like this which is given below, don’t worry you will get your all question answers at bottom of this article. 


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Follow these methods to forget someone you love:


1. Stop Thinking About Her/Him

Stop thinking about her/him

Do you know? Why you are unable to forget someone you love. (ok I think you don’t know let me tell you) Because of your mind, you have to stop thinking about that person, yeah, I know it is kind of hard but at least try. Just try to stop thinking about that person yes you can do it. come on my friend, believe in yourself. Okay! don’t worry if this is hard for you. Now listen to me carefully there is an effective and easiest trick to control your thinking. Go to a silent place and leave yourself alone and now start talking with your brain as your brain is your friend, and convince your brain that she/he is not perfect for you, start abusing yourself and scold yourself until you are able to stop thinking about that person you love.


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2. Delete Or Burn All Memories Related To Her/Him

Delete or Burn all Memories related to her/him

Yeah, memories are the reason why people feel so happy and sometimes sad, similarly, we all have some good and bad memories. Now you have to clear your all good and bad memories with that person to whom you want to forget. If you want to forget feeling for someone that before you have to forget their all memories. And if you will ask me how to forget someone permanently? Then I will only tell or recommend you to follow this method. Erase everything which makes you to think about that person, it can be any videos, photos, messages, and every single memory with that person. Let’s burn out all bad memories.


3. Delete All Contact Details

Delete all contact details

I know this method seems like useless, but as we know small steps become big actions. If you want to forget someone then delete their all contacts details because when you don’t have any way to contact that person then it becomes easy to forget someone. Delete or Block that person from your phone contact and  every social media, just take an action and block and delete them all from your phone, from your life


4. Spend Time With Family Or Friend

Spend time with your friend and family

Come on my friend, you have people who can give you real happiness and you are searching for fake happiness, hmm are you serious? Avoid that person who hurts you every time and forget them. Let’s erase your all good and bad memories with that fake person. And make some new good memories with your family and friends. Go and spend your good time with your lovely friends and family. You know, sometimes friendship is far better than a relationship.



5. Don't Live Alone

Don't Live Alone

Have you ever listen to this quote ‘empty mind devil’s house’ if not then, then listen to this and try to understand it. So, it is clear that if you are living totally alone then it is common you will think about her/him then you can never forget that person. So we will suggest you to spend your most of the time with other peoples which can help you to divert your mind from that person.


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6. Go Outside And Travel With Your Friends

Go outside and travel with friends

Yeah, this is the best and fast method to forget someone you love deeply. Pack your bag, take a food, wear good clothes and call your friends and go somewhere outside where you can enjoy yourself a lot with your friends. And let’s make some good and enjoyable memories by forget your bad past.


7. Imagine Negative Memories For That Person

Imagine negative memories for that person

In case you can’t control your brain to think for that person then this is going to be helpful. To forget someone after break up or to forget someone you hate then use this method. Whenever you start thinking about that person then try to think of some bad and weird memories and moments you spent with that person, and all negative things which are related to that person, and always tell yourself she/he is not worthy for me. It is the best way to forget someone psychologically.


8. Work On Your Goals

Work on your goals

Come on, let’s remember why you are in this world? You are living for your dreams you are living for the good life, there are around 8 billion people on the planet earth and you can’t live only for that single person you have to work for your goals and dreams. Start working on your goals and work harder than before, every new day people come and go, every new day people are born and die. So don’t make your life waste for only that single person, let’s leave her/him and move forward in your life.


9. Don’t Think About Her/Him At Night

Don’t think about her/him at night

Now, we are going to talk about the toughest problem and that is thinking about that person at night. Yes, at night it becomes so hard to control our thoughts but don’t worry we are with you. Whenever you go to sleep at night, make sure you are fresh and comfortable while sleeping, and when you start thinking about her/him control yourself and think something positive. The best way to handle this situation is to try to sleep fast. How to sleep fast? We have already talked about it you can check it out.


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10. Play Games & Watch Movies

Play Games & Watch Movies

Yeah, it is time to be a gamer and the biggest fan of movies. Games and movies are the best way to divert our mind, and these two things feel us so positive and good, so you must try this method it will be helpful for you. If you don’t know any games and movies then as I told you we are with you, just comment us and we will tell you the best games and movies names there.

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How many people are searching "How to forget someone you love" on the Internet. 

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Frequent Asked Question:

Q1. Why do bad memories come back?

Ans. because memories can’t be ended by themselves, everyone faces some bad memories but it depends on you, you are able to control your memories or not.


Q2. Is it possible to forget someone?

Ans.   absolutely yes! everything is possible in this world my friend.


Q3. How do I make her jealous?

Ans. by following some tips like complement other women, change your appearance, show your talent, spend more time with other girls and be confident and also got success in life.


Q4. What hurts the most after a breakup?

Ans.  their memories, and that’s why we wrote this article for you


Q5. Does my ex miss me after a breakup?

Ans. obviously, it’s human nature.





Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to Forget Someone You Love with these easy & unique tips.

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