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Hello! Are you healthy? No No you don't need to go to the doctor to figure it out. We have something for you that will tell you, you are unhealthy or healthy in a few seconds. Yes! Some signs which body tries to tell you before you get in big trouble and let's see what those signs are?   

It won't be wrong if we say the human body is a highly advanced & complex machine present on the earth that is made by nature. Usually, scientists and researchers keep telling something new about the human body working and behaviors and which makes everyone surprise. Similarly, there are some signs which clearly tell that your health is declining. Let’s check out those 10 sign which tells you are unhealthy.  


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 10 Signs That Tells You Are Unhealthy


1. Not Having A Good Sleep

Not have a good sleep

Good sleep plays a very important role in our good health. If you are not having good sleep then you should be serious, nowadays this problem is very familiar with lots of people because of high work pressure and late night active on social media.

What can happen if I am not having good sleep? Unhealthy sleep leads to major problems like depression, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, weak immunity, lack of energy, and serious mental issues. 


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2. Unhealthy Nails

Unhealthy nails

Whenever you are going to stuck in big health problems your nails are the first who start showing different signs and try to alert you but maximum people don't care because they don't know the reason behind this.

When you are in unhealthy condition your nails show different colors & condition some common conditions are; yellow nails (yellow nails sign of fungal infection, allergic and lungs disease), White (sign of heart diseases, liver disease, and kidney problems), and Gnawed nails – (due to stress, habit, and environment).


3. Always Feeling Tired

Always feeling tired

Being tired all time is depending on your lifestyle and it may also be due to your unhealthy body. There are some factors that clear why some people feel tired all the time? Some main factors are not getting good sleep, ingestion of unhealthy foods, body not getting enough protein, hydration, and stress.


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4. Yellow Eyes

Yellow Eyes

This is one of the easiest hints our eyes show us. Yellow eyes are not normal at all it is a serious health issue and if a person has a yellow eye then there is a maximum, chance that person is a patient of jaundice and it is very important to see a doctor as far as possible.   


5. The Dark Yellow Color Of Urine

The dark yellow color of urine

It is good when your urine color is white (similar color to water). But light yellow color means your body is dehydrated and dark yellow means your body is highly dehydrated and you need to drink water right now.

If you always suffer from yellow urine then it's better to consult with the doctor.


6. Problems With Digestion

problems with digestions

The stomach is also known as the second brain of the human body. if you are having digestion issues frequently then don't be careless and see a doctor because there is not only a single problem faced by people who suffer from digestive problems they have to suffer from multiple diseases which cause by the only bad condition of the stomach.


7. Unhealthy Poop

unhealthy poop

There is a very simple way to figure out your digestive system is healthy or not and that is by checking the condition of poop. if your poop is healthy then most probably your digestive system is working properly and if it is not good then there is an issue in your stomach.

In case, you are having very bad poop frequently then it means your digestive condition is not well and it can be because of digestive problems like IBS so don't forget to consult with the doctor.


8. Acne On The Face

Acne on the face

Acne on the face is normal while growing but in some conditions like when your internal health is not well then your body alert you with the growing acne on your face. And disease which causes acne on the face is high blood pressure, dehydration, and digestion problems.


9. Always Sick

Always sick

Always being sick is a sign of very bad health it can cause due to minor to major health problems. So it’s quite hard to decide from which disease we are suffering so it is good for us to consult with the doctor immediately. But still, some issues like mental issues, ingestion of unhealthy foods, and weak immunity are the reason why a person feels always sick.


10. Hair Fall

Hair fall

Every next male and female is suffering from hair fall. Hair fall is very common and that's why we don't notice as much, but sometimes hair falls can be the sign of dangerous diseases like cancer, thyroid disorders, stress, and psoriasis.



Similar Question Asked On The Internet:

Q1. What makes a person unhealthy?

Ans- Environment, unhealthy foods, and mental problems are the major reason which converts a normal person into an unhealthy person.


Q2. What are the signs of a healthy person?

Ans- Good immunity, always staying active, good mental & physical health, and proper digestion of foods are some common signs of a healthy person.


Q3. What does good health look like?

Ans-  When you are feeling very fit & fresh from inside.


Q4. How long should a person sleep?

Ans- Sleep quality matters more than sleep quantity but still, you must take at least 7 hours of sleep if you are an adult, and for teenagers 8 hours of sleep is good. You can check on the internet by according to your age.


Q5. Is getting up at 6 am healthy?

Yeah, it is healthy but make sure you slept very well.



Hope you got some help from this article, we have shared with you Signs That Tells You are unhealthy.

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