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It is not a big deal but in the start when you begin controlling yourself then you will face a lot of problems and your brain trying to fight with you and try to go toward your comfort zone.
Every person who is successful once they have fought with their brain if your brain is controlling you then your life is going to be very simple but if you are controlling your brain then you will live a meaningful and adventures and better life than others, we are going to share some best method to control your brain;


1. Comfort Zone Made For Losers

Comfort zone is made for losers

A Comfort zone is a trap if you will fall into this trap then it is hard to come out.
If you really want to control your mind then your first step is to get out of your comfort zone. When you are in your comfort zone then you can’t do anything, whenever you will go to do something and try to come out from your comfort zone then your brain will make you lazy and demotivate because your brain always wants to stay in your comfort zone.

How to leave your comfort zone?

  • Your first step should be to make a goal and make sure your goal is clear.
  • Make a timetable according to your goal
  • Follow your goals daily and make sure don’t quit following your goals because in starting you are going to feel sleepy, lazy, tired, de-motivated, and other negative things, and don’t worry these things will stay only for few days.
  • Never go for rest, yes you have to forget the word ‘rest’ even if you are free.
  • Imagine yourself after achieving your goal.
  • Do friendship with hard work.


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2. Treat Your Brain As A Teacher

Treat your brain as a teacher

oh yes! It is time to teach something to your brain.
As we know most teachers are strict if you have a soft and kind teacher then you are in the right school, so as we know whenever we do something bad work or when we don’t complete our homework then our teacher punish us.
Similarly, whenever you make a plan to do your work but when you go to do your work and when you start feeling demotivated, lazy, and tired then scold your brain and treat your brain as a student don’t let your brain control you always focus on your work and try to avoid distraction


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3. Life Is Waste Without Goals

Life is waste without goals

it is very important to have a goal in your life because goals are the reason why we want to control our minds. 
Living without a goal is just like a ‘boy lost in a city and he doesn't know where he wanna go’ before trying to control your brain I would prefer you to make goals in your life.
If you will try to control your brain without any goal then it will be hard and when you will set your goal then you have an excuse to fight with your brain and you will work for your destination your brain tries to stop you then you will learn where I should fight with my brain.


4. Control Your Emotions

Control your emotions

believe me, this is the best way to be dominant against your brain. You can easily control your brain by just controlling your emotions whenever you feel anger, sad, mood off, and other feelings which is not good for your health then you should try to avoid those negative feelings make yourself happy or in good mood, suppose that; ‘your elders are scolding you because of any reason and you are feeling so angry then don’t be angry make yourself calm and neutral and don’t react over them. There are number incident occur every day which will help you to control your emotions.


5. Forget The Word "Afraid"

Forget the word afraid

do you know why you are afraid to do something? Because you have never done it before and your brain orders you to move away from those things which you have never done before but if you are doing those things which makes you afraid that means you are fighting with your brain.
Whenever you get a chance to do something different than never leave the chance, don’t think about what will happen when you will fail always be positive and confident just go and show other people your potential and this is one of the best ways to get control over your brain.



Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to Self Control with these easy & unique tips.

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