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Hey! What’s up, I hope you all are doing well, I know you are serious about your communication skills and you want to improve them to change yourself, your favorite person SAM is with you to tell you ‘’how I can improve my communication skills’’.

Every single person does know how to communicate but most of them don’t how I can impress my audience at a first attempt by using good communication skills and even that’s so imperative for us.

If you are wondering that good communication skills are essential only for business purposes then you might be wrong, it has importance at every place where you used to communicate with other people (just like when you talking with your crush). Have you ever notice, why some people don’t want to talk with you and never show interest in your topic, and whenever you are in a group of people and they all are expressing their views and when your turn comes you gave your best but no one did like it, then somewhere this happened cause of your bad communication skills (“even you are having good communication skills but they never like your views, you must leave these type of people”).

Basically, there are four types of communication; verbal, non-verbal, visual, and written. And today we will talk about verbal communication. 


1. Be Relatable & Funny

Be Relatable & Funny

Do I have to laugh or make any joke every time I communicate? Of course not! , you just have made few changes in yourself that make you a relatable and comfortable person in the view of your audience.
Let me ask you a simple question, there are two people who have a piece of great knowledge and they seem perfect as a leader but one person is always serious and strict while communicating with others and on the other side a person who is very friendly and funny to talk. So which one would you like to communicate with every day?  If I’m not wrong then you must choose the second person because of their relatable and good nature. (And if you have chosen the second one then you are not from this planet, just kidding).
Basically, you need to be friendly with others and keep in mind that never lose your own attitude.


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2. Get To The Point

Get to the point

Have you ever liked your principal or any other teachers who give superfluous speeches? I’m sure you have never liked it but did you ever notice why I don’t like it? Because they never get to the point they just speak superfluously. And this can help you to improve your communication skills.
Ok, I got it what do want to understand me! But what do I have to do next?-
I am not saying every time you have to get to the point, usually, in business, people talk too much because it’s part of their business but If you are with your friends or any place where you are talking in a friendly way with others then you must get to the point because no one would like to feel bored or uncomfortable with other people while communicating.


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3. Don't Be Emotionless

Don't be emotionless

Without emotions, a person seems like a robot, probably no one would like to express their views in front of a robot. It is important for you to express your emotion while talking with others, communicating with emotion shows how much you are enjoying it and how much do you know about it.
If you will show your interest while communicating then it is totally true that everyone must like to communicate with you.


4. Talk Like Professional

Talk like professional

Why I am telling you to talk like professionals? If you ever see a person who whenever comes in front of people, every single person gives attention and stays ready to hear them. This happens only when a person is popular among people or his communication skills are really impressive that’s why everyone wants to hear.


 How I can communicate like a professional?  

  • Get to the point (as we told you above)
  • Speak slowly with body language
  • Express your ideas and speak which seems you right
  • Don’t use hard words and always try to use simple or normal words
  • Be yourself don’t overreact.


5. Find Your Ideal

Find you ideal

if we wanna improve our communication skills then first decide, how we should talk like. that's why choose an ideal for you. just pick a whose communication you think is very good and you want to speak like them. when you know how do you want to talk like then your journey will be easier to improve your communication skills




Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to improve communication skills, with these easy & unique tips.

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