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If you wanna impress a girl. so first go and arrange her phone number because calling is the best mode to talk or to express our feelings easily. Actually, in this world, many people hesitate to talk with a girl. So that's why they should first try to talk on call then meet in real. I think we all know that before meeting any person calling is a good idea. So today we have covered 5 effective ways that will help you to impress a girl on call. Because it's so needed to impress someone on call before the meeting. Anyway so let's get started.


1. Don't Be Serious While Talking

Don't be so serious while talking

Being so serious feels your partner intolerable and uncomfortable, talking seriously shows that your mood is not well and you are not interested to talk. In case if you always talk seriously with her then there is more prospect that she doesn't get any joy to talk with you and she always tries to not talk to you and by being so serious may you never impress her.

As we told above, what can happens being so serious while talking. Don’t mind we have few suggestions that you should follow; before start talking to her choose a quiet place where no one can disturb you while talking as well as you have to make your mood good or call her when your mood is already fine. Serious topics can make anyone serious so don't ask or reply to her any serious things and if the topic is obligatory to talk so handle that according to the situation.


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2. Call Her In Limit

Call her in limit

Calling a girl several times a day is very annoying for her, yes it is not annoying if both are lovers. If you are one of them who calls her multiple times in a day so don’t think that you can impress her because if you are calling a girl many times then she must show less interest in you and don't want to talk to you more because talking with the same guy in a day feels so infuriating cause there is no more topic remains to talk. On the other hand, if you call her once times in two or three days then there are extra odds that she will love to talk with you and talking after long time great ideas and topic comes in mind to start conservation.
The first thing you have to follow is that never call her multiple times in days if she agrees to call her multiple times in a day then call her only once or twice times in a day and if sometimes she is not picking up your call then don't call her again because maybe at that time she doesn't want to talk you.


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3. Make Her Smile When You Are Going To Hang Up The Call

Make Her Smile When You Are Going To Hang Up The Call

It’s been a long time talking and if one of you going to hang up the call so try to make a smile on her face, because whatever you talk with her for a long time but at the time of ending the call when you make her laugh then after hanging up the call most of the time she will think about you and also leave a kind of suspense before ending the call. 
You can share any kind of funny jokes, incident, or any funny incident that occurred with you or something else which can make her laugh.


4. Every Time Talk Sweetly With Her

Every time talk sweetly with her

The most important thing to impress a girl is how you talk to her, if you are using any kind of odd or rude words while talking to her in a call then never think that she will be impressed because literally most of the girls don’t like guys who every time talk impolitely and always use rough words and all the time she wants to stay away from you.
To talk charmingly with her, you have to improve your way of talking and use words that can melt her heart and never talk on that topic which she really doesn't like to talk about.


5. Laugh Little In The Middle While Talking

Laugh little in the middle while talking

Laugh a little while talking about funny topics because it seems like you are interested in her and she will really like to see you laugh at her. but it does not mean that you will laugh every time at her, laugh only at that topic which is kind of funny.



Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to impress a Girl on Call, with these easy & unique tips.

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