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The feeling of loneliness is the worst feeling ever. today I am going to share my personal experience with you of how I handled myself when I was too alone and lonely and I must say after following these tips you would never feel lonely.
Have you ever thought about why do we feel lonely? Usually, we feel, when we get away from someone and miss them a lot or when we are totally alone at home, even sometimes when a person left there college, school or such a kind of place where diurnal they meets with peoples and maybe peoples have a more different reason to feel lonely. so don't worry today we covered this topic only for you. so keep reading this article at last 


1. Make Call To Someone Who Is Very Close To You

Make call to someone who is very close to you

Every day we use to talk on a call for various reasons and it must be a better option to use call when you are lonely and don’t have any work to do. Make a call to someone; they can be your friend or family member, share why you are so upset and feeling lonely, and talk about something funny and interesting, it can be helpful to change your mood. Never call a person who always stays serious and it doesn’t matter how much closer they are, call someone that you talk to occasionally but who is very relatable and interesting to talk to.


What if I haven't any friends?

Most of the peoples don’t have any friend and maybe they are not interested to make a friend, they think I am happy myself if you are one of them then you are thinking this trick will be useless for me, don’t mind if you don’t have friends you should call to your family members with whom you would like to talk.


What if I don't have any friends or family?

If you are totally alone you don’t have anyone to talk to or even you don’t want to talk with them, In this kind of situation people gets more offended, you no need to be offended, you must call to helpline which is provided by the government with intentions to feels people happy and joyful, their number is easily available on the internet.


What if I am not in the mood to talk?

Basically, if you are not in the mood to talk to someone then probably you are not going to follow the above tips because no one doesn’t like to talk to someone forcefully, so what I should do next? Use messages to talk, message a people who always feel you happy with their messages or there are several websites and application to talk with the stranger you must check out it. 


2. Music Can Be Your Friends

Music can be your best friends

Music lovers can easily understand how music changes your mood in just a few minutes. You also ever noticed after listening to songs we feel light and free, according to research our brain release dopamine chemical while listening to music which makes us free and happy, music heals your brain and reduces depression, anxiety, pain, such other mental problems.


What kind of music I should listen to?

It’s a matter of which kind of music you are listening to when you are lonely, listening to emotional or heart touching songs while being sad can make you more offend, so try to hear party or smooth and the songs that make you dance, it will be helpful.
Personally, I will recommend, you should listen to the songs of different languages and old songs too.


Where I can get better music?

There are lots of platforms for songs, but if we talk about better then there are only a few which come out, one of them is YouTube, and it is the platform where you can get different categories of videos. According to my personal experience, YouTube is best to explore the different types of music and its recommendation will help you too.


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3. Come Under The Open Sky

Come under the open sky

Before going to start, I want to tell you that this is what I personally do whenever I feel lonely and maybe you won’t find this trick anywhere on the internet.
We all have no idea when or at which time we will start feeling lonely and if someone of you knows then it’s well and good! So basically when you feel lonely you have to come under the open sky or at any place (it can be your house roof or garden) where you can easily feel the air and where you can see birds comfortably, ultimately nature is the best example.
If you are feeling lonely at night then this trick will be best at that time because everywhere you see silence, and your house roof will be the best place to go.


What do I have to do in the open sky?

So now you are under the open sky, you have to imagine illogical and weird things and have to ask a question to yourself (just like; do the alien exist, what happen if the earth will destroy, what if I get a chance to do sex with my crush, how long this universe is? ) and something like this.


4. Meditation And Exercises

Meditation and excercise

Now it is time to do something different. I know you are thinking about how exercise and meditation can help me to stop feeling lonely, alright! If you don’t know so let us inform you that mediation is one of the super and effective ways to help you while you are mentally disturbed. If we talk about exercises, then the person who already do gym, they know how it feels after completing the exercise, they feel very free and love to their body, and which independently help you to feel better.
Do you feel lonely every day or sometimes in a weak? Then I must prefer you to start doing exercise because if are doing it daily then this makes you to love yourself and if you start to love yourself then there is nothing like loneliness and it is also good for your health. 



Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to stop feeling lonely, with these easy & unique tips.

Share this article with your friends and check out our other articles too and if you know any other tips on How to feeling lonely then share your thoughts with us by comment below. and if you wanna ask any questions so comment us we will reply in a short time :)




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