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It is hard to live in pain, it is hard to be like animals, it is hard to never get our rights and freedom, it is hard to live in a cage and it is very difficult to live in someone’s confinement. We all know the victim of domestic violence has to suffer from these difficulties.
If the victim is not aware, what they should do while domestic violence then it is more arduous, now you have to stop being worry because after reading this article you will be self-confident and able to choose the right decision in these kinds of violence. Your favorite person SAM will assist you in this bad situation and provide you some effective ways and information to make your life better and free from domestic violence.
A maximum amount of women and children and a minimum amount of men have become the victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence is not similar for every person, life is like a hell for victims who are mentally disturbed, and in most cases, they committed suicide. In fact, the most difficult state for the victim is when an assailant is the family member or important person in their life (in other words, when the attacker gives shelter, food and money, and all stuff that required to survive to the victim) and in this condition, the victim can’t do anything except endure violence and abuses, as I told you don’t need to worry I have the solution for these type of condition just stay with us.


1. Don't Be Discouraged

Don't be discouraged

The victims of domestic violence easily get discouraged and lose their hope, being courageous is extensive for people while domestic violence because if the victim is planning something to avoid domestic abuses and violence against themselves then being courageous should be the first step of their plan, even the victim has not planned and don’t know what they would do in this bad condition then they must be strong and bravely.

The person who easily gets depressed and hopeless they need to change themselves because this helps you to make yourself mentally fit and when you are mentally fit then you can think and make better plans to fight against violence.


How to courage yourself?

  • Think about your future, when you will be free and you can do anything that you want
  • Develop skills to deal with your feeling
  • Make yourself mentally and physically fit
  • Identify your strength
  • Reduce your fear and stress
  • Never think about the sad feeling that puts you in depression


2. Never Afraid To Take Help

Never afraid to take help

When you are not able to help yourself then there is only one way left which is ‘To take help from someone because there is only another person who can help you in this condition.

What do I mean to other people? Absolutely then can anyone who is physically and mentally strong and make sure the person should be trustable it doesn’t matter who are they, your friends, family member, police or neighbors.

Why I am telling to don’t afraid? Because every single victim loses their guts to take help from others and always thinks ‘what will happen if the attacker knows I am taking help’ and due to this afraid mostly they never tried to ask for help.

Now, you must understand how ‘taking help from others is important but exactly which person would be trustable and help me to come out from this situation? – police and domestic violence helplines and counseling would be better options to take help but due to some motive you are not able to take their help then your neighbors can be angels if they are good people and you know them very well otherwise your family or relatives can help you.


3. Search Safe Place

Never Search Place

Lives are far essential than anything, whenever you feel that this place is not safe anymore for you, your life is in danger then you must move from that place and ‘if you are a woman with children then take your children and find a place where you are totally safe with the assailant and make sure someone is present for your security.
If you have no one or you don’t know anyone that can give you shelter, and anytime an attacker can be injured then you should move from there and go to the nearby police station for help, unfortunately, you are living in the area where the police station is too far then you have to go your nearby stranger people houses and share your problem with them and ask for help.
Generally, this kind of condition occurs at night, and if in the end, no one is helping you then you can go to temples or any place where normal can come easily and get shelter.


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4. Collect Evidence

Collect evidence

If you have ever seen any crime movies where evidence has a lot of importance to protect and prove yourself, similarly just like movies in real life evidence is really imperative to prove yourself innocent without evidence you can never win the cases.

How to collect evidence for domestic violence?

  • Videos are best for evidence, record yourself whenever you are abused take help from other people to collect evidence
  • Make sure no one is watching you while collecting evidence
  • Don’t keep evidence on you
  • If you are unable to record a video then you should record an audio
  • Don’t forget to show your body part where the attacker injured you


Keep it in your mind that the attacker or other person doesn’t see you while collecting evidence, try to act normal as you were being before, and never behave unlike.


5. Change Your Thinking

Change your thinking

If you have a great plan to stop domestic violence or abuses against yourself but sometimes you feel that something is stopping you to do these all things which are nothing except your negative thinking, every time think about your coming future after violence and imagine your freedom and all rights which every person have. Learn to choose the right decision because it is hard for every worried person to take the right decision, learn from your every single mistake.
Commonly, in a relationship victim partners don’t want to leave their assailant partner even after being abused and attacked because the victim partner thinks their partner still loves him which is their myth, if the assailant partner loves the victim partner then they never abused and attack on their partner. So basically you need to change your thinking, partners love each other they never hurt physically each other.



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