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Hello, my friends, I know you are very serious to make yourself motivate but something is stopping you, so don’t worry today I Sam will tell you which things are stopping you and I’ll tell you some easiest ways to stay motivated (I am sure when you follow these ways, you will always stay motivated just like tony stark).

Motivation!, what do you think after hearing this word- 'A kind of energy that every person needed to do something or to achieve their goals and if you think this, then you are true (congratulation, you have won a lot of money, I'm just joking and don't comment me for money). And have you ever thought about which kind of motivation? If I tell you, so there are two ways to get motivated 'internal motivation and external motivation'. 

External motivation is the reason, most people become demotivated very quickly because whenever they want motivation they just watch some motivation video and quotes and after some time they become normal as they were before (I am not saying those videos and quotes are useless, but you don’t take them for permanently), and they were unable to motivate themselves internally (In simple words; external motivation is temporary and internal is permanent). Now it’s time to see what those internal motivations are.


1. Just Start It Now

Just Start It Now

It's time to do it from now don't wait for tomorrow (just go and purpose your crush, I am just kidding). Every person has a problem to start their work from tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes and the main thing is your ‘comfort zone’ which stop you and it just like a shield of captain America which protect him from their enemy' (actually, captain America is very powerful even without a shield, he is my favorite I can't hear bad about him), so if we notice then, captain America is you, a comfort zone is shield and enemies are your goals. And if you want to achieve your goals then you have to do work and before work, you need to leave your comfort zone.


How to get out of your comfort zone? 

  • Start doing new things
  • Don’t take extra sleep, take only enough sleep
  • Face your fear
  • Try to do which is very difficult for you
  • Imagine your goals and start to follow them from now
  • Don't live the easy life

When you get success to come out from your comfort zone, then every time you will stay motivated and crazy for your goals.


2. Talk To Yourself

Talk to yourself

As we know our first enemy is us (don’t shoot yourself) because whenever you decide to do something new and big in your life, our brain stops us to do those things, and then we get demotivated. What you can do here? , you just have to scold your brain and try to understand yourself that if we want to achieve our goals and we can’t back down and need to fight with our failures and problems which push us back.

Do not let your brain dominate you and you have to control your mind and convince your brain to work, because your brain always tries to choose the easy path and that you follow, so never choose the easy way and whenever you start feels demotivate then you just need to talk yourself in a lovely way.


3. Make Your Goal Clear

Make your goal clear

Before the beginning of something, we decide everything about our work and then we do it, for example; whenever you feel hunger you decide what you have to eat and how much you will eat. Similarly, before following your goals you should make them clear, I mean, you must know that which things will help or stop you in the future, how you should do it, the right way to time to start it, why you should follow your goals, and many more thoughts which you need to do clear before following your goals. 


How can I set my goals?

  • Take a paper and write down your all goals and make them into 3 groups, now work on your first group and then others (I know how lazy you are, maybe you wouldn’t follow this)
  • Make sure you are having fun
  • Find a person who is also working on the same goals (now don't start finding them on tinder or any other dating sites)
  • Be clear with your goals
  • Work according to your timetable


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4. Forget Negative People 

Forget Negative People

Everyone meets some negative people at some time, and those negative peoples always try to spread negativity around you, and they never want to see you successful and every time you meet them they make you demotivate (I have also my Hindi Maths, who always told me that you can't do anything in your life and make me so demotivate, but I was determined that once I will be successful person, I will marry her daughter, and now I am still single, it just joked don't be serious).

So make sure to stay away from those kinds of peoples and whenever they talk something negative about you then don't take seriously and forget it immediately.


How can I avoid negative people?

  • Never go around them
  • Behave like you don't care about them
  • Walk away from them
  • Stay with only positive peoples
  • Block the person from your phone
  • Never follow them


5. Think About Your Family

Think about your family

The best motivation in this world is your family, there can be anyone in your family, even if he/she is only one person. Whenever you get demotivate think about your family and their faces, think about their expectation about you and your future, they want to see happy and they do everything that they can do for you; for just your smile (I love my family).

Make sure when you 'talk to yourself for motivation then you must talk about your family and their struggle for you. If you need motivation from another person then go to your family and talk with them, you will feel motivated immediately.



Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to motivate yourself, with these easy & unique tips.

Share this article with your friends and check out our other articles too and if you know any other tips on How to motivate yourself then share your thoughts with us by comment below. and if you wanna ask any questions so comment us we will reply in a short time :)




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