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What’s up guys, I hope you all are doing well and you will be happy. Want to learn Korean? But you don’t know from where and how I should start and still don’t know the right way, and quite upset about all this. So, you don’t need to be offended because I have gone through all these problems, ‘I mean I can speak Korean very well and that’s why I can feel every person difficulties whoever started to learn Korean language because I have been suffered too and today I will share my personal learning process and tell you few right steps to learn Korean quickly. It doesn’t matter who you are ‘beginner, intermediate or advanced’ it will be helpful for everyone. Before getting started it is good to know some knowledge about Korean language and that’s why we think to share some interesting facts related to the Korean language and you will feel motivated and show more interest through the Korean language.



Interesting Facts About Korean Language

  • Korean vocabulary is influenced by Chinese
  • There are two different counting systems in Korean language
  • Vocabularies, pronunciations, and even grammatical rules are different in the language spoken in north and south Korea
  • There is a national holiday in honor of the languages    
  • The Korean language doesn’t show any significant link to other languages 
  • The Korean alphabet is a featured alphabet written in morpho-syllabic blocks and it was designed for both Chinese and Korean
  • Hangul was created by Kim Sejong, the fourth king of the Joseon dynasty, and revealed in 1443.
  • As we know Seoul is the capital of South Korea and meaning of Seoul is ‘capital city’   


How to learn Korean language? (Best Tips) - Zantania

When you start to practice and learning Korean then consider yourself as a ‘kid who is learning a new language’. If you remember when you were in your school then there is another subject of a different language (I am not talking about your official language, it can be an international language) which you have to learn, so why I am reminding you of those things? Because we have to follow the same algorithm or process as we did in our childhood to learn any new language and it is going to be very easy and interesting to learn Korean.


1. Promise Yourself

Promise Yourself

Yeah, I know it sounds easy, but it is the first and hardest step you have to add in your journey of learning Korean, you have to promise yourself that you will give your best and every day you will try to discover new words and sentences in Korean, and most important thing that you need to do is to come out from your comfort zone and it is going to be boring and hard in beginning but after getting some knowledge then you must show your interest and fussed to learn new things.

If you ever feel demotivate and don’t feel to learn in the middle, then remind yourself what you promised yourself and imagine yourself in the future as a fluent Korean speaker. This step will be the best motivation for you if you follow this.


Promise Yourself These Things before Starting To Learn Korean

  • I will not compare myself with others. I will learn and practice Korean everyday
  • I will never be afraid to talk in Korean when I get chance
  • I will give my best
  • Daily I will improve myself
  • I will never give up when I make a mistake


2. Start From Basic

Start From Basic

The best way to learn something is to first learn their basics and then move in advance; similarly, you have to get complete knowledge of Korean basics. If you are wondering to avoid basics then it can be tough for you to learn Korean, Do I have to learn complete basic? Absolutely not, you just need to get little basic information and if you would go deeper into basics then you will be so confused. Yes, if you are interested or you want to learn their complete basic then it is your choice, otherwise little knowledge of basic is enough.


What are the basics of Korean?

  • Korean alphabet (Hangul)
  • Korean numerals (Native Korean system and Sino-Korean system)
  • Pronunciation
  • Names of colors, animals, objects, and other basic kind of stuff
  • Key verbs
  • Basic words and sentences


Basically, we have almost talked about all basics of a language and you must know about them. The most important thing from the above list is Korean alphabet and Korean numerals which you have to learn before everything, and in addition, you can also learn ‘myself’ in Korean.


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3. Practice Your Basics

Practice Your Basics

Before moving forward make sure your basics are good and you know a little bit of basics, in the beginning, practice every day till your basics, grow yourself slowly, and add more new things to your learning. In case, something which you can’t learn or you did your best to understand it but in spite of that you are unable to learn it, then don’t worry just leave that and move forward because when you learn advance thing then it will become easy to understand that time.


4. Start From Small Words & Sentences

Start From Small Words & Sentences

This is a time to explore and learn new words and interesting sentences in Korean, when you get little knowledge about Korean basics then this is going to be easy and interesting. Find the meaning of those words and sentences in Korean, which you use every day in your life to speak and communicate with others, you can purchase a book and follow any you tubers or use any websites to know more about new words and sentences. It will be a better option to make a different notebook and prepare notes of those words and sentences which you are learning every day and at the end of day practice those words, this will be helpful for you and best method to learn Korean fast, and it is very important to use those words or sentences in your daily life.


5. Listen, Speak & Write

Listen, Speak & Write

If you have followed above all the steps then I will say that now you are intermediate and you have grown your level and it is a time to do the practice.

Listening, speaking, and writing we all love to does at least one work from these three things, Basically, I am going to share a trick with you to become professional in Korean. You need to choose one work which you love to do from listening, speaking, and writing - suppose that I have chosen to listen; now what I have to do I’ll just watch and listen to everything on the internet only in Korean because it love it and I can do it the whole day and make sure I am not saying that you don’t need to do other things, you have to give only more priority on one thing which one you like more from listening, speaking and writing.

These three skills are the only way to learn a new language, so let’s understand how they affect our learning and how we can improve them more;

LISTENING: Listening is the best and easiest skill to learn a new language, most of us gives speaking more importance and even that’s not wrong but listening is effortless, you can improve your Korean without moving your mouth or body and without doing any physical work, the thing which every single person loves is entertainment in which we watch movies, interesting videos, gaming, songs, reading books and more, so try to hear everything in Korean, and when you start listening everything in Korean again repeatedly, your brain understands and learn those words, then it became easier to speak Korean.

WRITING: we can say that this is an underrated skill, people don’t prefer to use writing for learning a new language but let me tell you, it also plays an important role like others. As we know, sometimes every person talks themselves instead of talking you can use writing it is the best way to practice, make a notebook and write everything which you want to tell yourself in Korean and other best option is to write everything which you like but it should be in Korean.

SPEAKING: I don’t need to tell you how speaking is important to learn a language because we all already know, so talk with yourself in front of the mirror in Korean, and whatever you think in your mind try to think in Korean. Be confident and never afraid to speak Korean in public when you get the chance.


6. Practice, Practice & Practice

Practice, Practice & Practice

This is the last and most important step of your learning journey, practice every single day of your life and improve yourself every new day learn from everywhere where you get a chance to learn and practice. Without practice, you can’t become good in Korean so practice matters more than other things.   




Hope you got some help from this article, we have shared how to learn Korean language.

 Share this article with your friends and check out our other articles too and if you know any other tips on how to learn Korean language then share your thoughts with us by comment below. and if you wanna ask any questions so comment us we will reply in a short time :)




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