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And many questions like these in your mind which you want to know their answers, don't be bothered we will help you to find answers of these questions and provide you some best method to fight with these difficulties.

Believe me, if you think a little bit about your studies and are always worried, then you can focus easily on your studies because you want to do your studies but something stops you and we will help you to find what thing are stops you to focus on your studies.


Great Tips: How to Focus On Study? - Zantania

The study is the only method to learn something new and get a lot of knowledge we all want to study but due to some reason we get distracted and lose our focus from studies.

Whenever we go for studies after few minutes we feel so bored and sleepy and to avoid these problems basically, we start using mobile phones, games, or TV but after some times we feel 'it's been a long time and I am still using mobile phone' actually, this is not the only one problems but it is the biggest problem students faces while studying.

Before we move forward, you have to promise yourself that you will give your 100 percent to focus on your studies, and the most imperative thing you need is to leave your comfort zone and rest follow our given techniques daily.



1. Find A Perfect Atmosphere

Find a perfect atmosphere

It is major problem but we don't care about the environment and start our study anywhere where we get a space for study. To give 100 percent focus on your study then find a perfect room or atmosphere.

If you have your room that's well and good but in case, you don't have your specific room then search for a place where you can study easily,


Some changes you need to do in your room

  • Make sure no one comes again and again to your room
  • Clean your room daily and all kinds of stuff should be in the right place
  • Try to spend more time where you do study
  • Make sure the room atmosphere should be quiet
  • Perfect temperature of your room
  • if you have a study table that's great
  • The room should be comfortable according to you


2. Follow 21 Days Rule

Follow 21 days rule

What are 21 days rule? In this rule, you have to do your work continuously for 21 days and if you are doing any work for 21 days frequently then it will become your habit and it will be addictive for you.


How to apply this rule in studies?

Let me understand you with an example; suppose that you want to do 10 hours of study daily but whenever you go for studies you lose your concentration and focus, so here you have to apply this rule, go every day in your room for studies and when you don't feel like to studying then don't move from your chair and try to focus again on your studies and make sure to avoid phones, force yourself to don't move from a chair and every day follow this technique for 10 hours. After few days you will see changes in yourself.

In simple terms, just give your 100 percent to your work for 21 days then after it will become your habit.


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3. Come Out From Friend Zone

Come out from friend's zone

I am not saying to break your friendship with your friends but if you want to focus on your studies then you have to give more importance to your studies rather than your friends.

While studying if your friends call you to hang out somewhere or for any reason and make you disturb then refuse them straightly and tell them I am busy right now. As we know, having friends is very important in life but giving more importance to friends than our work is not good, balance your friendship and studies equally because both are imperative.

Always try to make good friends who will help you to move forward in life.


4. Use Lamp Or Phone Torch At Night

Use lamps or phone torch at night

If you like to study at night then this trick will help you to increase focus while studying.

When you go for studies off your room light and use lamp or you can use a mobile torch. When you off the room light then the complete room will be dark and the light of mobile phone torch or lamp will fall on your books and then it will be easy to give 100 percent concentration on books and you can't see anything except your books that's why this will increase your focus. 

I use it and it helps me a lot but if you are suffering from any eye problems then use this technique only when you feel comfortable otherwise don't use this method.



5. Excercise And Meditation

exercise and meditation

Everyone must follow these two things to increases concentration ability, exercise makes you physically healthy and other side mediation helps to make you mentally fit.

At least give 20 minutes to both in a day and when you feel demotivate or inattention then you can do mediation it will relax your mind.


6. Don't Learn concepts Understand Them

Don't learn concepts, understand them

After using every kind of method to focus on studies but still, you are unable to focus that means you are not interested in studies and it is maximum students problems.

Never learn the concepts try to understand them don't move on to other concepts till you understand before concepts and this applies to every subject. If you are learning for only grades then you are just wasting your time and money, don’t learn for grades learn for knowledge and skills.

Whenever you learn something new then connect those things with the world and apply them in your daily life and if you will learn like this then trust me you will fall in love with your studies.


7. Fight With Your Distraction

fight with your distraction

Distraction is the biggest problem for everyone and there are a lot of things that distract you while studying and you need to find those distractions and next time when those distract you again then you will already know how to manage them.

Common distractions for students are video games, social media, friends, mobile phones, Gf / Bf, and much more things that stop you to achieve your goals, so you have to keep a distance from these things and learn to live without these things.




Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to focus on study with these easy and unique tips.

Share this article with your friends and check out our other articles too and if you know any other tips on How to focus on study then share your thoughts with us by comment below. and if you wanna ask any questions so comment us we will reply in a short time :)




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