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Hello, my dear friends how are you? And how is your girlfriend?.... Ohh you are still single ohh nooo… my poor friend. 
I know its hurts sometimes when someone talks like this and it seems so uncooperative and then you ask yourself why I am still single and why I don’t have any girlfriend. No need to worry if your friend SAM is with you, I’ll tell you how you can get a girlfriend with some easy steps;
Nowadays, everybody finding a partner for themselves and no one would like to stay single, but there are only a few peoples who have the guts to flirt with their crush and propose to her for being a girlfriend (…just like me), and on another side some peoples afraid or hesitate to talk with the girl and maybe they don’t have any idea on which topic I should talk with her.
For your all problems I have an easy solution and that solution contains only 7 steps which you have to follow to get a girlfriend. And believe me, every weak you are going to get a new girlfriend.


1. Find A Girl

Find A Girl

Commonly, we need a girl for a girlfriend, not a boy so why I am telling you to find any girl? Because usually whenever we think ‘now I want girlfriend’ we start planning how I will treat her after the first meeting and what will my future plans with her, and in the end when we come out by our imagination then we realize all these things I need a girl.

Sometimes, we have everything that a boy needed for a girlfriend but unfortunately, we were unable to find a perfect girl (or even a girl)



  • Take your friends to help
  • Find a girl from your friend circle, who can be your girlfriend
  • Be active on social media and use it to find her
  • Live more among peoples
  • Distant relatives
  • Find a girl in your school, colleges, office, or any place where do you often go 


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2. Know About Her

Know about her

Our next mission is to get information about her. When you found a girl for you then you have to start knowing about her, her bio, and everything which can assist you to go her more close.

If you don’t hesitate to talk to strangers then it is great, just go to her and talk normally with her and make her impress on the first talk.



  • Check her on social media
  • Talk to a person who knows her better
  • Try to talk with her friends
  • Make her neighbors your friend


3. Just Talk As A Normal Person

Just talk as a normal person

This step is going to be imperative because now it’s time to talk to her directly and you are going to give your first impression, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ as we know.

So what you should do?... You need to take a normal topic on which both of you can talk, and keep it in your mind that at the first time you don’t have to do any extraordinary thing to impress her and don’t try to flirt with her at the first attempt, be normal and talk only for your purpose and most important thing you must not use rude words and be sincere while talking.



  • Call her name politely (‘HEY SAM WHAT’S UP ’)
  • Ask her for help (COULD YOU HELP ME)
  • If she said yes to help then ask for help otherwise don’t 
  • Keep talking on your topic (don’t forget to add your little smile)
  • In the end, ask her ‘would you like to be my friend’
  • Say it and move from there ‘nice to meet you’


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4. Join Her Friends Group

Join her friends group

After creating a good impression our next target is her friends, make a good friendship with those people whom she usually talks to and join her friend's group in every activity. Follow this step only when their friend likes to talk to you and doesn’t feel bore because if they feel bore or uncomforted then it is hard to say that she would like to talk to you.
Let me give you an example; she is a ‘shop’ and her friends are ‘path of a shop’ and you want to go shopping, for that you must follow the path to go in the shop without path you can’t go (I think this example is looking so weird ).


5. Make Yourself Special

Make yourself special

Being special is one of the greatest ways to attract someone toward ourselves, if you can make yourself very special then there nothing hard for you, people attract toward you because it is clear that if you are special to them then they try to spend more time and show more interest on you and want to know about you more.

Do everything that makes you very special, if you will be special for her then she wants to make you her boyfriend. Sharing personal things will be the best option to be special for her.



  • Do whatever you like
  • Never afraid to go against wrong things
  • Do things which other people can never except
  • Talk less and work more
  • Love yourself
  • Never copy others
  • Do crazy things
  • Share your personal things with her


6. Time to Flirt

Time to flirt

Now you are her friend and special for her, and your all path is cleared you just have to start flirting with her. You should start flirting after know about her mood, if she looking normal or in a funny mood then it is the perfect time to start flirting.

  • If you are thinking to flirt with her on social media then you must start flirting at night because nights are very romantic than other times. And don’t forget to talk sexually if she likes.


7. Propose Her On A Special Day

Propose on a specials day

You have done everything and now it is your last stage where you have to propose to her on a special day. After you feel that you are worthy for her then it’s the right time to propose to her, choose a day which is very special for her and then give your proposal to her.



Hope you got some help from this article, we have told you How to get a girlfriend, with these easy & unique tips.

Share this article with your friends and check out our other articles too and if you know any other tips on How to get a girlfriend then share your thoughts with us by comment below. and if you wanna ask any questions so comment us we will reply in a short time :)




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