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Thinking to eat something enjoyable under 100 Rs in India? Then you are at the right place and let's check out some delicious food at a very low cost. It will be very incredible to eat something tasty at very low cost, generally when we don’t have any idea regarding cheap foods than we move to a restaurant where we don’t find something good for us under low cost than forcefully we have to eat foods at high cost and that’s not good at all. So it’s better to know foods under 100Rs or less.

There are lots of foods under 100 Rs in India but still, some are very unique & tasty and out of those we are going to share with you. These foods (as you can see in the list) are also available online under 100Rs in India and it’s very easy to find these foods under 100Rs near you.


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Best Food to Eat Under 100 Rs in India - Zantania


1. Chhole Bhature (Price – 40Rs To 100Rs ) 

Chhole Bhature

Chole Bature is made by two altered food items: Chole (made by Channa masala & spices) one is Bature (fried bread of Maida). It is the most loved Indian street food and it is more popular in northern areas of the Indian subcontinent. 

The great thing about this food is its price is very low you can easily full your stomach by just eating Chole Bature. It is also the cheapest street food in India.


2. Samosa (Price – 10Rs To 80Rs )

Samosa is a triangular-shaped food with baked pastry and made by using ingredients like spiced potatoes, onions, peas, and others. Samosa is a worldwide famous Indian snack & people favorite street food and you can easily see samosa in almost in every state of India, even samosa is the cheapest food not only in India but in the whole world. 

There are different kinds of varieties of samosa with unique & outstanding taste and the best thing is that you can eat them at a very low cost. In India, samosa's starting price is from 10 rupees but you may get easily under 20Rs to 100Rs everywhere in India.


3. Kulcha (Price – 15Rs To 60Rs )

Kulcha looks similar to chole bhature but both have different tastes and even price of both foods are almost similar. Kulcha’s are more popular in northern states of India and it is the people's favorite street food because of its wonderful taste and lowest price. You can easily buy kulcha’s for fewer than 100 Rupees its starting price is from 15 rupees and after price depends on the kulcha’s quality in case, it is made by using high-quality ingredients than shopkeepers may take more than 15Rs but in streets, it’s very easy to get only at 15Rs. And you can also order online from 50Rs to 100Rs.  


4. Vada Pav(Price – 20Rs To 80Rs)

Vada pav looks like burgers but both are much different and it is created by using two major ingredients bread and potatoes, Vada pav is a popular Indian street fast food and this is the most demand fast food used in Indian weddings you may notice if you ever attempt Indian wedding.

If we talk about price then, in cities like Mumbai starting price is from 5 rupees, and around 20 rupees you can taste Vada pav all over India.  


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5. Kati Roll Price – 20Rs To 80Rs )

Kati roll is very similar to veg roll, it is made by the combination of different tasty ingredients and then wrapped by paratha. This is more popular in northern parts of India but doesn't worry it is available all over India.

The reason why Kati roll is very special? is because of its superior taste and lowest price, this is one of the cheapest foods in India and it’s very easy to find Kati roll under 100 Rs. In streets starting price is from 20Rs and around 80Rs in hotel & restaurant.


6. Bread pakora (Price – 10Rs To 50Rs)

Bread Pakora is well popular Indian street food under 50Rs somewhere its popularity is the same as ‘samosa’, it is prepared by fried bread full of potatoes and delicious ingredients. Bread pakora is a common food available in almost every restaurant and it is one of the cheapest Indian food you can easily get from 10rupees to 50rupees.


7. Burger (Price – 50Rs To 100Rs )

The burger is one of the world-famous food items and it is also popular in India and you can easily eat it at a good price. But at dissimilar places price of the burger is different even you may know burger of mac Donald’s or some other famous restaurant is more than 100Rs this is because in this kind of restaurants you can see various varieties of burger and according to included ingredients their prices depend. But still, some restaurants or street shops are there which provide the best quality burgers under 100Rs and you can easily find those places near you.


8. Biryani(Price – 20Rupees To 50Rupees )


Well, biryani is the most loved food of Indian people whenever Indian people are in hurry to go somewhere or they are far from home and when they feel Hungry there the first choice always be to eat biryani because biryani is very delicious & light food to digest and outstanding thing about biryani is it's the price it starting price is 20Rupees. There are various varieties of biryani available and their price may depend according to their quality and included ingredients


9. Pani puri(Price – 10Rs To 30Rs )

Pani Puri also known as Fuchka Fhuchka, Gupchup, Gol-Gappa, and others, Pani Puri is a popular Indian street food this is popular all over India but people call by using different names. Pani Puri is the best food in India to eat under 50 to 100Rs but its starting price is only 10 Rupees.  


10. Masala dosa(Price – 40Rs To 100Rs )

Desired and well-known dish for south Indian people but is eaten by the whole of India you can easily see Masala Dosa at any Indian restaurant because of its delicious taste and popularity. Just like other dishes & foods, its price is also very low you can easily make your stomach full by just eating 40Rupees of Masala Dosa and for a better taste, you can check out some other masala dosa which has price more than 100Rs.  



Similarly asked questions on the internet:

Q1. Best food in India under 100 rupee?

Ans- Every food on the given list are under 100 rupee and every single food are extremely delicious.


Q2. A burger is good to eat?

Ans- Yeah, it’s good but make sure to eat in limit.


Q3. Can I eat food for just 50 rupees in India?

Ans- Sure, in the given list maximum foods' starting price was from under 50Rupees.


Q4. Are Indian foods are good to eat?

Ans- Yeah, Indian foods are healthy as well as tasty.


Q5. Does Cheap food is tasty?

Ans- Yeah, there are numerous cheap foods which are far better than some expensive foods.




Hope you got some help from this article, we have shared with you the best food to eat in India under 100 rupees.

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