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WARNING - It is a serious matter you have to pay attention to!!

Sex is common in the relationship and it is essential for both partners but if you and your partner are not happy with sex life then don’t overlook you need to pay attention right now.

Sex is the main intention why people come into the relationship (it is other cases when someone True Love their partner haha.) 

Our society doesn’t give sex education more importance that’s why some people suffer from sex problems in their relationship but don’t worry today we will provide you complete sex education and share some tips to improve your sex life. I am sure after following our tips you will become Jhony sins or Danie Daniels of your sex life (haha. just kidding).


1 . Spend Time With Your Partner

Spend time with your partner

lack of time is the main reason why some relationships don’t stay for a long time if you want to improve your sex life then before you have to improve your normal life with your partner try to spend more time with your partner.
Time has a main role in sex life, if you do sex only 2 or 3 times in a month then it is very less and probably it is the main reason of bad sex life give your partner more time, do at least 3 or 4 times sex in a weak.
Let’s talk about the sex time,(yeah, it is the time where many boys get powerless) if you don’t stay for a long time during sex which makes your partner irritated then you should improve your sex time, you can use medicines or use some natural methods to increase sex time. 


2. Make Your Room Sexy

Make your room sexy

I hope you all do sex in your bedroom (and if you are the couple who start anywhere, then stay room stay safe! Haha)
As we know for different kinds of work we need different environments just like studies, gaming, sleeping, dancing, and for other purposes. Similarly, for better sex a good environments matter a lot with a good environment you can easily impress your partner and purpose your partner for sex and definitely, they will agree for sex.
You can make some changes in your bedroom to give it a sexy look and when you come for sex with your partner then your partner will be much better than before

Make your room sexy with some changes:

  • Soft and comfortable bed
  • Remove white lights and add some blue or red lights
  • Don’t forget to make your room dark only blue or red light should be visible
  • Perfect room temperature
  • Some flower leaf and perfume
  • Add things according to you 


3. Stop Using Alcohol & Any Drug

Stop using alcohol & any drug

it is normal to take alcohol in the limit (even I would say drink alcohol with your partner for fun) but if you are taking it more than the limit then you have to avoid drinking alcohol for better sex life.
Mostlyrelationship has broken up because of taking drugs and alcohol by their partners but if you are thinking it has a bad effect only in normal life, not in sex life then you are wrong.
Drinking a large amount of alcohol causes erectile dysfunction which means ‘it is hard to get or keep an erection, and alcohol can reduce the production of sperm.


4. Sex Warm-Up

Sex warm up

once my friend asks me what I should do for few minutes before sex then I told him you must do a sex warm-up then you won’t believe he starts to exercise, running, and do physical warm-up activities (haha. I hope you don’t have a friend like me).
Let me clear you what is ‘sex warm-up’ first, it means some sexual warm-up activities before sex it can be kissing, touching private body parts, sexual talk, licking body parts, and some other warm-up.
Whenever you go for sex, don’t forget to do a sex warm-up it will provide more pleasure to you and your partner, and if you don’t have any idea about sex warm-up then you can take help from adult videos.


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5. Hotel Is Better Option

Hotel is better option

it is very important to hang out somewhere with your partner in the relationship as well as for sex life try to go outside at least 2 or 3 times in a weak and choose your partner favorite place.
If we talk about sex then the hotel is a better option than your home you should go for sex in the hotel because the hotel room will be strange for you and its environment will be different and nothing to distract you there. You will be got there perfect silence for better sex.


6. Be Crazy Like Zombie

Be crazy like zombie

yes! Be crazy while sex don’t see anything covert yourself into an animal or zombie just focus on your target and show your power to your partner ( haha. don’t be overpower otherwise you will damage your lovely sex organ).
Basically, start with a sex warm-up, and while sex is crazy, and thinks it is your first time and gives your best.


7. Distruction Is First Enemy

Destruction is first enemy

especially, this advice is for those people who give priority to their work rather than anything even they are doing sex.
Whenever you are going for sex then remember to avoid distraction, switch off your phone or put it away from you because one little distraction can irritate you and your partner.
As we know we should start working on our future plans from right now, similarly whenever you will go for sex then make sure there is nothing to disturb you, and before sex find a silent place. 


8. Take Help From a Doctor or Therapist

Take help from a doctor or therapist

if you have tried everything and nothing is helpful for you then it is important to see a doctor or therapist.
Maybe due to in taking of drugs or alcohol you are suffering from sex problems then the doctor will help you in this condition and his giving advice or medicine will help you more rather than the suggestion from someone else.
If you’re completely fit and you think a doctor can’t help you then you should see a therapist because sometimes anxiety, tension, and mental problems then the therapist will help you physiologically. 




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