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Want to impress a girl over text? It all depends on how do you text her. In the manner of time, mostly we first start texting before calling someone since it’s common in the relationship we first text her and then we move to forward, and texting can be your first impression at that time as we know the first impression is the last. So it is sure that you will try to make her impress by your texting. For that here is Ten Best Tips to Impress a Girl by Texting.


1. Don't Use Any Rude Words

don't use any rude message

Some rude and bad words can end your relationship in a while. If you are talking with a girl using rude and abusive words, so don’t think that she will be impressed with you, it is common that no girl wants to talk with someone who hurt her.  So keep in mind you don’t have to use any abusive or rude words.


2. Make Her Comfartable With You

Make her comfortable with you

If you can make her comfortable with you while texting so unquestionably, she will like to talk with you and it will be effortless for you to start your relationship with her.


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3. Make her Laugh

Make her laugh

One of the greatest way of all time to impress a girl, you can create any fake stories or tell her some cute funny jokes and share your laughable stories of any real incident which happened with you.


4. Don't Talk About Other Girl

Don't talk about another girl

If you are talking about another girl with her, then maybe she won’t show any interest in you and she will think that you like that girl or you are in a relationship with her, even don’t talk about any girl because probably she would not like that, you are talking about someone else with her.


5. Share Your Personal Things

Share your personal things

Every girl shows interest to hear something about someone personal life. You can tell her what you like to do and which things you like in your life and also ask her what she likes, and you should be sharing your share personal problems with her and ask for some suggestions


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6. Make Your Words Clear

Make your words clear

Every time send those words who make sense, do not text something which is hard to understand and always make your words clear.


7.  Choose A Topic Which She Likes

Choose a topic which she likes

The best way, if you want to talk constantly with her. Choose a topic which she likes and knows a lot about it because if you text her which is related to that topic then she must reply to you because of having a good knowledge and interest about it.


8. Reply Her Fast

Reply her fast

As soon as possible reply to her, if you don’t reply to her fast then she may be won’t reply to you again or she will also reply you after a too long time.


9. Use More Emojis

Use more emojis

Emoji express your feelings and it’s made easy to understand what your partner feels about you. So don’t forget to use emojis along with your text.


10. Avoid Long text

Avoid long text messages

Long text Messages are not so easy to understand.  that's why use only that short messages that can understand easily with no efforts, because no one have time to read your full long message or understand that. so that's why avoid long text messages while you are texting to your crush





Here some best & easy ways to impress your crush by texting. Now you are ready to impress your crush on WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram etc.



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