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Hello! Travelers stay ready for Europe trip.

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Do you know? Europe ranks 1st for most international tourism among other continents.....I know you are getting motivated to travel in Europe but there are 44 countries in Europe and most of them are great for their tourism so which country would you choose…..hmmm

Struggling to find the best one…. Don’t worry we are with you for your every trouble.

Zantania knows your problem and feelings that’s why zantania brings the top 10 best countries to visit in Europe.

Europe… we are coming for you!!!!


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Graph, Chart of 10 best countries to visit in europe

10 Best Countries to Visit in Europe - Zantania

 S.No  Country
 10  Finland
 9  Greece
 8  Spain
 7  Portugal
 6  Switzerland
 5  Netherlands
 4  France
 3  Italy
 2  United Kindom
 1  Germany


10. Finland


Seriously, this country is just another name of heaven Finland is the most beautiful & perfect country in the world. Finland is a northern European country and shares borders with Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO FINLAND?- Finland is the cleanest & safest country in the world and things to enjoy for tourists are mind-blowing landscapes, beautiful forests, amazing nature & weather, architecture, nightlife, people, and beautiful cities.

THINGS TO DO IN FINLAND- Suomenlinna, Helsinki Cathedral, Ateneum, Museum Of Contemporary Kiasma, Levi, Santa Claus Village, Linnanmaski, Sibelius Monument, And National Museum Of Finland.


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9. Greece


Want to impress your partner? (Then check out our other articles ha ha ha ha …) then take your partner to Greece because Greece is the most romantic and beautiful place on earth.

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO GREECE?- some main reasons are beautiful places, fantastic weather, rich culture & history, crazy beaches & islands, houses, and monuments.

THINGS TO DO IN GREECE- Acropolis Of Athens, Meteora, Acropolis Museum, Parthenon, Navagio, National Archeological Museum, Delos, Temple Of Olympian Zeus, Elafonisi, And Ancient Agora Of Athens


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8. Spain


I have a fun fact for you; the highest Spanish mountain is not in Spain (ha ha ha ha … mountain be like - my life my rules what a cool mountain it is.) 

Spain is a country on the European Iberian peninsula, it is the most popular & best country in Europe to travel and there is only one thing is enough to believe you that Spain is best European country to travel and that is after France Spain is second most international tourist arrival in the world. I have a fun fact for you; the highest Spanish mountain is not in Spain 

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO SPAIN?- Spain is famous for its stunning culture and scenery you must visit Spain for delicious food, amazing shopping, beaches, tradition, languages, festivals, and sports.

THINGS TO DO IN SPAIN- La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Alhambra, Museo Nacional Del Prado, Casa Mila, Casa Batllo, La Rambla, And Royal Alcazar Of Seville


7. Portugal


Do you love colors and painting? What if I drop you in a 3d colorful painting… I know it seems weird but Portugal is like that it is one of the most beautiful & colorful country in the world just likes colorful painting. (I also love painting but unfortunately every time I have been failed in painting exams. haha ha..).

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO PORTUGAL?- Portugal has best various landscapes, lovely weather, colorful buildings, historical memorials, delicious cuisine, architecture, and most unique beaches. You can enjoy your vacation in Portugal it is a great country.

THINGS TO DO IN PORTUGAL- Livraria Lello, Luis Bridge, Sao Bento Station, Iglesia De Los Clerigos, Bolsa Palace, Porto Cathedral, Monument Church Of St Francis, And Parque De Serralves.


6. Switzerland


Alright! It’s enough to travel in different countries & different continents now it’s time to travel in heaven. Yes, ‘heaven’ and you are right we are talking about ‘Switzerland’ (again your superhero saved your life ha ha ha..).

Switzerland is a mountainous Central European country. The country fills with beautiful high peaks and natural places and Switzerland on of the most beautiful country in Europe. 

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO SWITZERLAND?- you must visit Switzerland in your life because of its amazing scenic trains rides, fondues, ski trips, wonderful mountains, elegant lakes & landscapes.

THINGS TO DO IN SWITZERLAND- Lake Zurich, Rhine Falls, Chillon Castle, Mount Pilatus, Jungfrau, Kunsthaus Zürich, Titlis, Rigi, And Jungfraujoch.


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5. Netherlands


Everyone wants to live peaceful and hushed life in the most beautiful place but we think it can possible only after our death. So, your superhero is here to save your life, and let me tell you ‘The Netherlands’ is a country you are searching for.

Netherland located in northwest Europe, the Netherlands mostly famous for its capital ‘Amsterdam’ for windmills and tulips and Netherlands is one the most lovely & beautiful country in the world.

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO NETHERLAND?- you should travel to the Netherlands because of its amazing beauty, historical monuments, castles, architecture, nightlife, environment, and dazzling canals.

THINGS TO DO IN NETHERLAND- Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Keukenhof, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Vondelpark, Cube Houses, Efteling, And Heineken Experience


4. France


If someone is talking about traveling and forgets ‘France’ then it means…. He/she needs to see a doctor (haha-haha just kidding).

France is located in Western Europe, France ranks at the top position for international tourist arrivals which is around 89.4 million and France is a higher demand country for tourists.

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO FRANCE?- the reason which makes France on top position for its tourism is Eiffel tower, French museums, rich culture, delicious food, friendly people, cool outfits, great history, and unique accent.

THINGS TO DO IN FRANCE- Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace Of Versailles, Arc De Triomphe, Sacre-Coeur, The Centre Pompidou, Champs-Elysees, And Luxembourg Gardens.


3. Italy


OHHH, it’s my girlfriend's favorite country but now she is my EX because once I went to Italy without telling her. (ohh you recalled my old days)

Italy is located in Southern Europe, I would say this country is made for tourists, everything which a tourist wants available in Italy and Italy also ranks at 5th position for international tourist arrivals (according to Wikipedia).

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO ITALY?- Italy is just a super-perfect country for tourists you must visit Italy once in a life for Italian cuisine, rich culture, fashion, art, divine people, beaches, gorgeous monuments, and matchless buildings.

THINGS TO DO IN ITALY- Colosseum, Cinque Terre, Pantheon, Uffizi Gallery, Leaning Tower Of Pisa, Roman Forum, Spanish Steps, And Duomo Do Milano.


2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Please welcome…. Our next country United kingdom…. which almost ruled the entire world so, it’s our priority to visit England (ha ha ha it’s funny.…… but the UK is very beautiful).

The United Kingdom is located in Europe it shares its border with wales to its west and Scotland to its north, united kingdom is one of the highest visited countries in the world.

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO ENGLAND?- The United Kingdom has some great museums in the world, famous buildings, lovely nightlife, great cuisine, teas, fish & chips, and historical monuments. And London capital city of the United Kingdom is world-famous for its amazing parks, sports event, shopping, architecture, and fashion.

THINGS TO DO IN ENGLAND- The British Museum, Natural History Museum, Tower Of London, Victoria & Albert Museum, The National Gallery, Stonehenge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Big Ben, And Westminster Abbey.


1. Germany


Do you want to meet Adolf Hitler he is waiting for you.. (hahaha just kidding).

Germany is located in western Europe, Germany is known for its history, law & order, beer & tea, German castle, and Germany is one of the loved destinations for tourists. Germany is the 8th most visited country in the world I must say before death we should travel to Germany.

WHY I SHOULD TRAVEL TO GERMANY?- there are lots of things to explore in Germany for tourists their miraculous architecture, cuisine, castles, festivals, nightlife, and German people (they are so gracious & kindly ).

THINGS TO DO IN GERMANY- Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral, Reichstag Building, Museum Island, Memorial To The Murdered Jews Of Europe, East Side Gallery, Europa- Park, Berlin Cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, And Pergamonmuseum.


Similar Question Asked On The Internet:

Q1. Europe v/s Asia which is better for vacations?

Ans- Both are better for vocation but if you want to visit modern buildings & cities then Europe is perfect and if you want to explore nature & different culture then Asia is perfect. And where Europe is little expensive than Asia and Asia is more affordable than Europe. 


Q2. Most beautiful country in Europe?

Ans- Italy is the most beautiful country in Europe.


Q3. Why Europe so famous?

Ans- Because of great weather, developed places and historical places & monuments.


Q4. Does winter season is best for European trip?

Ans- Yes! winter is the best time to travel to Europe


Q5. What country is #1 in tourism?

Ans- France is the #1 country in tourism.




Hope you got some help from this article, we have shared with you 10 best country to visit in Europe.

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