About Zantania

Welcome to the first-of-its-kind operational and 3D magazine – Zantania. As a digital media company, we have a futuristic outlook. Founded by entrepreneurs, in 2021, Zantania enables to deliver of digital content to global consumers. Zantania beats the competitors’ hands down with an unmatchable 3D experience to boot. We offer content quality, variety, and article intelligence.

Zantania works on bringing you fresh and cohesive articles and premium stories from around the world. We have a dedicated team working non-stop to bring you super fresh content.

You may be a customer, employee, housewife, or a student; we aim to connect the dots to you - the influential decision-maker. Zantania offers an edge to a dynamic network of information, populaces, and thoughts.

Our strength is delivering fact-filled informative data through innovative technology. We are consistently working on our user interface (UI) to ensure the visual elements are a treat to the eye.

Our User Interface

Zantania is the one to watch out for in 2021. Our 3D User Interface is an unusual one in the magazine space. With this, we have set a futuristic vibe. We have well-crafted eye-catching realistic photos you can never pass by.

On top of all set standards, our great 3D User Interface reflects the personality of our brand. We stand apart from our competition with a magical and delightful experience.

We are close to our vision of a simpler more powerful 3-dimensional interface. But that is not the all and end-all. We have room for innovation and evolution to match future generations. Zantania has the potential for newer forms of interaction in the future.

Our 3D interaction is all-natural. Watch out for constant modifications on Zantania as we evolve and undergo formative changes to be nothing but the best. As there is no one like Zantania.

Zantania Categories

A good design is obviously in our DNA. We communicate efficiently. Look no further than Zantania for your daily dose of comprehensive updates. You get to build your knowledge base and keep yourself thoroughly informed and abreast with the latest. We offer Technology, Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Brands, Travel, Entertainment, How-to, and more.

Our Aim

Let’s define Zantania.

Z is for our zest and zeal for life.

A is for our aptitude.

N is for how natty and stylish the magazine is.

T is for trendsetters.

A is for accuracy and authenticity.

N is for naturally nice.

I stand for innovative reliability.

A displays our assertive leadership.

Today, Zantania aims to reach more than a million subscribers. Being a new-age digital magazine, we aim to capture and showcase the information for all generations. You can trust us with all kinds of articles and newsletters. Our focus lies on changing the face of the magazine world with the way we present information. Content that’s newsier and snippety.

The website covers a broad spectrum of topics including fashion and beauty, relationships, entertainment and celebrities, food and wellness, and travel. In the future, you can expect to see more categories under our umbrella and products. Currently, it features articles and aims


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