Best Food to Eat Under 100 Rs in India - Zantania

It will be very incredible to eat something tasty at very low cost, generally when we don’t have any idea regarding cheap foods than we move to a restaurant where we don’t find something good for us under low cost than forcefully we have to eat foods at high cost and that’s not good at all.

Best Healthy Food & Fruit to Eat- Zantania

There are numerous collections of healthy foods that contain specific nutrition, proteins, and vitamins. Still, some selected best foods are available that can convert you from unhealthy to super healthy people.

The 10 Best Famous Countries For Food- Zantania

There are some countries which are ruling the world due to their awesome foods and these countries are especially known in the world for their tasty & delicious foods.

10 Famous Food in India (that you should try) - Zantania

Similarly, every country has their best cuisine & foods but when we talk about Indian foods then there is something special in Indian food which makes it's national and internationally famous.